A clic'n'collect for a multi-boutique snack
Last creation / Strasbourg

A clic'n'collect for a multi-boutique snack

This time around, we deployed our eShopCCC solution for La Petite Pause, a snack bar with several physical stores around Strasbourg.
Gathered around a single site, the 5 stores manage their content independently. Each store has its own products in order to be able to manage stocks without interference with other stores.
From their POS, they also manage their own customer accounts. And the orders arrive, obviously, at the point of sale of the store for which they are intended.
Each La Petite Pause store has its own hours, as well as its own differentiated time slots for deliveries and collection.
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If you too want to set up your click'n'collect site, do not hesitate to contact us.

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