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Our activities range from logos to website interfaces and any type of visuals. Our work is driven by two imperatives : creativity and originality, which are the keys to our success.

Logotype / Graphic identity

Corporate communications begin with a logo and a graphic identity. Your logo must represent you, speak to you, and appeal to you.

LogoA logo is in no way an illustration; its design must obey precise rules in order to make a specific point. It has to create a strong identity, be easily recognisable and pertinent. Last but not least, it has to look nice.

The graphic identity maintains the unity of — and safeguards — your corporate identity. A badly designed visual identity has much more negative impact than usually thought, and can send the opposite idea of what was originally intended. The style guide puts together all the rules pertaining to the design of the logo and the other elements of your graphic portfolio (banners, images, tag lines, etc.).

> The logo, keystone to your graphic identity

Graphic design

Graphic design forms the basis of all our projects, it is the artistic side of our activity and brings about the aesthetic dimension of all our creations. Design is a delicate mix of imagination, creation, technical skills and listening... It means knowing how to represent and sublimate our clients' communication needs!

We create the artwork for all your communication media whatever their types in order to strengthen, modernise and improve your corporate image.

  • Standard communication: corporate documents, datasheets, brochures, flyers, leaflets.
  • Large format communication: posters, kakemonos, rollups, stands, panels.
  • Advertising communication: newspaper inserts, magazine adverts.
  • Unconventional communication: vehicle decoration, store front windows.

Website and ergonomics

Internet has become an essential tool for modern corporate communication. Showcasing the main aspects of your business - and the services you can offer - on the internet is one of the ways to enlarge your customer base.

The design of your webpage must be an incitation to further browsing. The contents must then be easily accessible, so that the users will not waste time looking for the info they were seeking in the first place. For all the websites we create, we take pleasure in offering original and appealing designs and in integrating the latest technology in order to renew the browsing experience.

Photo editing and montage

Photographic works require not only a perfect mastery of photo editing software but also great artistic skills. Photo editing is the art of enhancing an image by erasing any imperfection. As such it is a true extension of a photographer's work.

We also create photo montages, in which we put together several different elements to produce coherent visuals.

High-quality photographs are obviously necessary in order to achieve good results. That is why we offer to make your photo reports ourselves and to bring to them all our expertise.


Montage photographique

This banner, whose purpose was to decorate the frontage of a building, was made with more than twenty different elements.

Pictograms and iconograph

Iconography is the art of representing an action, idea or object in few pixels. Used in many areas, pictograms need a lot of precision and care in their making.

We also vectorise your pictures. The precision of the objects will allow to use them at a very high resolution, with no quality loss.

Pictograms, in bitmap or vector form, can be stored as an objects library. They can therefore be used whenever you need while keeping your overall design coherent and at the highest quality.


It is well-known that a picture is worth a thousand words. With this in mind, we create your illustrations, whatever the final format (editing or internet). Concepts, diagrams, organisational charts, drawings, sketches, etc. will enhance your contents to make them clearer and more meaningful.


We also create your products' packagings. More than simply "putting in a box", we analyse the whole product and its features you want to highlight, while keeping in mind every constraint such as its packaging's shape and size.


For your design projects

Contact Jonathan
+33 (0) 4 93 00 15 35

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